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What Has


The clear water in many springs is
turning a greenish tint. Other springs have stopped flowing or are slowly being choked off.
Why? What can be done?

Our film investigates how the springs are being degraded and what the future holds for them. The focus is on scientists who have the most empirical information about the current conditions of springs.

Using breathtaking cinematography, we show the beauty that remains, bringing the springs to life in a spectacular way.

We are also the first filmmakers to produce an immersive, educational 360- degrees video about the springs, Springs Joy.

What kind of intimate interactions

do visitors have with springs?

What do these visitors know

about nitrate levels and flow?

Why should they care?

What Has Happened
What Can Be Done

What Can Be Done

Pumping water from the aquifer is necessary for life and business in Florida. What is the balancing point?

Our documentary explores different sectors’ varying perceptions about the springs and different suggested solutions. From agriculture to mining, manatees to tourists, we hear from different people about the value of the springs and the aquifer that feeds them. By having a broad range of voices, we are allowing our viewers and audience to learn about not only the problems but the challenges involved in addressing them. The film also explores what some perceive to be the failure of government agencies that are tasked with preserving the springs, such as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and water management districts in north and central florida.

"Just like the Everglades is a very unique ecosystem, 

so too are the springs that are to the north of them. 

And I think we have a duty to protect them."

-former Florida Gov. Jeb. Bush

How Sponsors


Sponsors help define Florida and its unique natural resources, as the film will be seen across the United States.


Interested sponsors will have access to a private screening of the film before it airs on television and in theaters.

How Sponsors Benefit
What We Ask

What We Ask

Sponsorship for the film’s festival run


$25,000 - $100,000


$10,000 - $25,000


$5,000 - $10,000

Our Goal

We strongly believe that strong journalism through narrative storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in our free and democratic society to affect positive change. It is our hope and goal that this film -- and the awareness it triggers  -- will inspire our leaders to change course on the springs and implement policies that will help preserve them.  

Our Goal
Explica Media

Explica Media


has pioneered a unique brand of narrative non-fiction storytelling: entertaining, educational, inspiring.


His previous documentaries include Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood, and the Emmy-award winning Exotic Invaders: Pythons in the Everglades, both of which have run nationally on PBS; as well as Return of the Panther, a film about Florida’s endangered Florida panthers commissioned by the National Parks Service.

They are refreshing takes on complex issues that help spark important dialogue. We hope The Fellowship of the Springs and its companion videos and efforts help change the course of the state and inspires policies that will save the springs.




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