The Fellowship of the Springs

A Documentary Series
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WUCF (Orlando & surrounding areas) July 8, 4-6 pm

WJCT (Jacksonville & surrounding areas) July 21 & 28, 10 pm

WUFT (Gainesville & surrounding areas) July 21 & 28, 10 pm

WGCU (Naples, Ft. Meyers & surrounding) July 22 & 29, 8 pm

WEDU (Tampa & surrounding areas) August 4, 9 pm

WFSU (Tallahassee & surrounding areas) July 10, 4 pm; July 13, 4 pm;                    July 14, 9 pm; July 17, 4 pm; July 20, 4pm, July 31, 4 pm   

WFSG (Panama City & surrounding areas) July 14, 9 pm


Florida’s artesian springs are one of the natural wonders of our nation. As unique as the geysers of Yellowstone and as mesmerizing as Vernal Falls in Yosemite, these blue jewels surrounding the north Florida landscape are considered a treasure by many who see them.

But today, the future of Florida’s springs is uncertain.


With flow levels declining and nitrate pollution on the rise, the springs today bear the scars of a profound struggle.

“Many springs that were formally blue,
now have a greenish tint.

Algae has replaced native plant communities.
Flows are declining in numerous springs.

Some have stopped flowing altogether.”

-Robert Knight, Director, Florida Springs Institute.

 –Silenced Springs, Moving From Tragedy to Hope.


A Documentary


Florida’s springs are much more than places for people to cool off in the summer.


In this documentary film, we will delve into the essence of these natural pools -- educating viewers about what the springs
are, how they function, and why they are critical to the well-being and sustainability of Florida’s growing populations.


We will explore how nature and industry can co-exist and thrive in north Florida, and what that partnership represents for the whole state.


The film will also compare north Florida’s water challenges
to other parts of the world dealing with aquifer management issues such as Northern India, Namibia, California and Northern China.

Explica Media will produce a 60-minute educational documentary film, a virtual reality video and a series of shorter videos on the issue.








How We Tell

The Story

Explica Media directed and produced the 60-minute documentary for PBS (see attached letter of commitment from PBS). To tell the story, we will seek out stakeholders in the world of the springs and shadow them as they go about their springs-related business.


Among these are Robert Knight, director of The Florida Springs Institute; Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, a fierce springs advocate leading the charge to save them; Captain Karen Chadwick, owner of North Star Charter Service, who is fighting to restore the Ocklawaha River. 


In addition to the documentary, Explica Media will produce a 3 to 6-minute virtual reality video of the springs, which can be viewed with
headsets, and immerses viewers in the natural world of springs. Depending on funding, we may also produce two to four separate videos on the springs issue, which can be released through our unique and proprietary distribution network in Florida that includes major newspaper websites.


Oscar Corral, a former investigative and political reporter turned Emmy award-winning filmmaker, will produce and direct the film. 


The story of the Florida springs and their future, is quickly evolving. We are fortunate to have a resource so rare and pristine, which has played such an important role in Florida’s culture and economy. Now is the time to explore through storytelling where the springs go from here. The story of the springs’ future is the story of Florida’s future.




“Florida’s springs are as
beautiful as the Grand
Canyon. Most people in
the state have no idea they even exist.

-Eric Hutcheson, cave explorer.